Daily Sending of Pure Love

Daily Global Meditation and Thought Sending of Pure Love

We can do this!

It’s time for all spiritual groups and people to come together. By working together as a human race, letting go of pride and ego’s, we can do this. We are all one, we are not separate. Every action and thought has an effect. Feeling the victim is no longer an option.

By linking together, in Peace Pure Love and Harmony, and making this the pervading energy on this earth, we have all the power we need to bring about our highest destiny, and a world in which we want to live.

Let’s all join together in a daily sending of Pure Love, Joy and Peace to the World.

There is a lot of talk about Environmental Pollution, but I would like to draw attention to Thought Pollution. We are all well aware of the Power of Thought. It’s time to put this Power into action, and redress the balance to something that is more harmonious. There is no barrier to doing this work, just the desire to do so.

The time to come together at 7pm GMT or BST as appropriate. Whether you send your thoughts, pray or meditate etc, (use whichever method you feel comfortable with). I have used the focal point of Glastonbury Tor. Firstly because when the energy is combined through a focal point the power is greatly increased, and secondly most people the world over know of Glastonbury Tor and it is easy to visualize.

If for whatever reason you are not available, but would like to join in with this activity, just mentally store your energy/thoughts at Glastonbury Tor, with the proviso, that it goes out into the world at 7pm, with all other energy. 

I would also like to add, please be aware of your thoughts on a day to day basis, and adjust if needs be. We are all interconnected and have an effect on each other.

If you have any question about this action lease contact me at suzannemthomas48@gmail.com 

Suzanne Thomas